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"I was very lucky to have coaching from Nanette.  It has given me such confidence to achieve my goals and enjoy the process of doing.  I would recommend coaching from Nanette to anybody who is struggling with every day life and wanting to achieve different things.  Coaching was like a personal therapy for me.  I felt safe knowing my sessions were completely confidential and I felt open to talk freely"


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"Nanette I'd just like to talk about this woman for a moment and thank her for the support she has provided to me. Nanette is a great listener and she speaks genuinely and with intuition. She made me feel safe and as if together we could achieve anything. Thanks for believing in me and transferring that insight and wisdom in such gracious way. Am forever indebted"


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"I was very fortunate to have great coaching from Nanette. I’d hit a low point in my life where I felt everything was in turmoil. Nanette gave me the tools to look within and answer my own questions. This has had a huge impact positively, for my home and working life.. Thank you."

Client, midlife man

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"I was coached by Nanette in May, she gave me the confidence to believe in myself and made me realise that I AM as good as the next person, which had helped me immensely in my new career. A career which is so out of my comfort zone, but one that I am loving. Nanette also talked through with me other aspects of my life which has also helped me greatly. Highly recommend."

Tracey, midlife woman



If you have ever worked with me or found value in my content I would greatly appreciate a testimonial. Thank you so much, Nanette.

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