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How my journey evolved

My confidence levels were pretty good when I was younger.  However, when I moved to high school my confidence dropped.  I had a competitive nature and compared myself to others.  In high school I found more people to compare with. The opinions of friends, family and teachers started to take meaning and I began to view myself differently.   I labelled myself as thick, which held me back most of my life.  Every idea, or dream quickly got quashed by my negative self talk and low self worth.



You see fear has been a dominant emotion since my teens.  Fear of failing, fear of what people may think, fear of succeeding! 

If opportunity came my way it would ignite feelings of fear.  I avoided promotions at work, I avoided higher education and much more. My opinion of me always got me stuck. That’s not to say I never stretched the boundaries.  I did!  I qualified as a further education teacher. However,  I had many sleepless nights worrying I wasn't good enough.  Even with positive feedback I didn't believe in myself!  Consequently, I jumped ship and went back to my comfort zone. 



After four family bereavements and long covid I hit rock bottom.  I made a decision to start that change. 


Cue self development and life coaching.  In the last few years I worked on changing my mindset and gaining courage.  I needed to be myself and unleash that inner belief.   With encouragement from family and friends I signed up for two undergraduate courses and completed my Diploma in business administration and a Certificate in supervisory leadership.  The plan was to aim higher.  Once I got my qualifications it became clear I was not following the right path.



After some soul searching I found myself on a life coaching course which continued my journey to developing my self worth.  I finally started believe in myself enough to take action.


I switched my focus from what was going wrong to the solution.  I worked on noticing my thoughts and feelings.   Doing this had a massive impact on my mindset. I was finally heading towards what I wanted and felt empowered and unstoppable!  



I am now in a place where I know my worth.  I realise that fear was taking control and creating my negative outlook which held me back.  I have qualified as an Internationally Accredited Coach which is way off my original level of self belief.  I no longer way up the fear factor.  Fear now means I am making progress because I am stretching myself and my boundaries. 


Through coaching I have unravelled where my fear came from and gained clarity on ways to overcome those belief systems.  I gained courage to start going after my goals.  Courage allowed me to step up, take action and build a life that I can be excited about.


Now I've made it my mission to be able to help other women do the same!   

I don't believe you would be reading this if you weren't ready to begin this journey.

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